5 Reasons Why Art Inspired Us And Can Inspire You Too

April 13, 2021

When Artists' Cottages opened its doors some 4 years ago, there was no question as to what we wanted to project, our passion for good times and good art.

We have always enjoyed the numerous guises which art takes, from sculptures, to street art, water colours to abstract pieces, but here are just a few reasons why art inspires us on a daily basis:

  1. It brings you pure escapism. (Something we have all needed over the last 13 months!)
  2. It inspires good mental health and wellbeing, by focussing the mind.
  3. It represents ideas and transports us into the world of the artist and what they see.
  4. Art is evocative and so can prompt an emotional response, the perfect channel to let those emotions flow!
  5. By appreciating art we are often motivated to create our own!

Go pick those paint brushes up folks!