Choosing your perfect location

October 05, 2021

Where to stay - how do you choose your accommodation?

Do you look at reviews? 

Do you look for amenities or is it all about location, location!

Hotel, B&B or Self-Catering?

They all have their attributes.

Hotel - staff on hand, beds are made, rooms tidied and restaurant on site. - Down side, constant interruptions whilst staff do their work. Very hard to find peace and quiet in your room.  Public rooms can be noisy and overcrowded.

B&B great for that short stop over - again someone to make beds and tidy.  But you are expected to vacate the premises for most of the day - okay if you are busy - but not so great if the weather turns and you've no place to be.

Self-catering offers the opportunity of your own house or flat.  You close the door and there's no one to interrupt your day.  you can settle down with a book, watch your favourite TV programme or cook your own favourite recipe.  If you are so minded you can choose from the 250 plus restaurants Harrogate has to offer, or order food in. The choices are yours - and you will have a fully furbished kitchen so clearing up is easy and the dishwasher takes the strain! 

If you have a pet, there are places which will accept your pets so you don't have the pain of separation or the hassle of finding a kennel.

Want to meet up with friends, family or colleagues? Where do you find that perfect place?

Harrogate abounds with great places to walk dogs, The Stray - the acres of green surrounded by trees in the centre of town, The Yorkshire Showground on the south side, a short car ride or a 20 minutes or so walk from Artists' Cottages. The Nidd Vale or the walk to Ripley - these are just some of the places surrounding the town centre. Slightly further afield are Brimham Rocks, Fountains Abbey, and other National Trust Properties. There are dog friendly bars and restaurants in town and some shops leave bowls of water.