Count down to Christmas!

November 30, 2019

Christmas is less than one month away!

Who’s excited?

The adverts are in fall Christmas mode: Don’t buy that, Buy this! Children are the hardest people to buy presents for! Why should the big kids miss out!

Is that really what’s important?

As I have gotten older- mid twenties to be exact- I have found the most important question isn’t what am I getting, it’s whose coming?

Will my siblings be traveling from London to be with us this year?

Who’s turn is it to cook the Turkey?

Ok, bad example. What I am trying to say is if you are worried about presents and what to get, don’t. Especially if it is for children.  Tastes change all the time.


So instead of getting hung up on gifts, and who has come and who hasn’t,  why not enjoy the company of those around us? Why not invite friends over, or volunteer at Crisis? Have fun, play silly games and wear funny jumpers and socks!

After all, isn’t Christmas really about giving to others? What greater gift is there than time and love? Two things which everyone is always short of!