Education for the whole community

April 22, 2020

When we have asked our friends and family, and read in and around the home schooling landscape of today, we see a varying situation.

Whilst some children are thriving in their homes with both parents and video tutoring (from their schools) in full swing, others do not have the internet, or even the right books for the job.

Despite our country having one of the best infrastructures in the western world, a lot of our children are currently living a life with very little or no education whatsoever!

How can this be and how can we help our surrounding communities?

A few ideas we have conjured up are below:

  1. Finished with a book or a page – leave the book or photocopies on your doorstep for others to take (safely of course).
  2. Set up a whatsapp for your neighbourhood (or street) and enquire in to whether there are any households with children who are struggling to home school, you and your neighbours could then pool resources.
  3. If you are a parent with little support when it comes to home schooling, look back at Marie-Therese’s pearls of wisdom over the last couple of weeks which should indeed help generate ideas on how you can school through life skills.
  4. If you have a TV license, there are various channels which are providing educational programmes, such as BBC 4.
  5. Back to basics. – Consider what is important for your child and their development at that age – think back to when you were that age and what you were learning. Can’t remember? Ask a friend, jog your memory with photos and remember to keep learning fun!