Fewston Reservoir

April 13, 2024

Last Saturday I took the dog for a walk around Fewston Reservoir, just a 20min drive from Harrogate. 

This is one of the walks we recommend to our guests, especially for those coming with energetic children or wanting to see more of the countryside. The reservoir takes around 2-2 and half hours to walk around with the option of incorporating Swinsty Reservoir for those wanting a longer walk. 

There are good footpaths for most of the walk, with just a couple of areas which had become boggy, especially where the path divides between the two reservoirs and the road. The dog could be off the lead for most of it, but for obvious reasons I put him on whilst walking along the road. 

As the weather did not look great when we left I we not expecting many people to be out. However, when the weather changed and the temperature increased everybody seemed to head for Fewston, as if often the case in Yorkshire! 

This is one of the most appealing things about visiting Fewston, as it is so close to Harrogate, guests staying in our cottages can decide on the day if they feel like visiting or not. Anyway, the dog had a lovely time, even going for a swim at one point. As quite a few dogs had already done so I did not feel too guilty allowing him to follow suit. 

The reservoir has a state of the art filtration system to accommodate for the birds and other potential parasites.  

All in all we had a lovely time and will defiantly go again soon. 

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