Gather & Stow is the place to Go!

September 05, 2019

Need somewhere to go for a quick cup of Coffee?

Or maybe you are in the market for some vintage textiles and art décor.

Why not come to Gather and Stow?

Situated down Kings Road, this wonderful coffee shop has it all: coffee, pastries and interiors, all served up in a bohemian atmosphere.

Best of all it is only a 2 minute walk from our cottages! If you are staying at Artists Place, Artists Corner or Artists Cottage it is the best place to go for your morning and afternoon beverages! Need a place to go for a quick bite to eat before heading off?

Gather & Stow is the place to go!

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you can also follow Gather & Stow on facebook and Instagram @gatherandstow


And as always, come to Artists Cottages!

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