Harrogate is Buzzing!

April 15, 2021

Harrogate has opened its doors again, and the town is buzzing with excitement.  Gents have been queuing round the corner to have their hair trimmed at the barbers. Young adults were spotted lining up outside pubs for the grand re-opening at mid-night. Some people have rescheduled their entire diary so that they can make it to a much-needed hair appointment.

The town is alive again and it is great to see everyone so happy to be out.  The sun has come out and spring is in the air. 

Most restaurants here in Harrogate have set up special outdoors seating, so you can enjoy the sunshine with a glass of wine  and dine al-fresco. Many have special offers to entice you.  I for one cannot wait to have an evening out with my friends whom I have not seen since September last year! 

If you are getting bored or tired of the same old routine of visiting the big supermarkets, why not jazz things up and see what the independent shops have to offer? They would love to have you, and not to put a too fine a point on it, they could probably use the business now that they are finally allowed to open.  They are dotted all over town. Let us know which ones you like best! 

If you are getting fed up with working from home, why not take this opportunity and work outside at one of the cafés in town? A change of scenery has been shown to be a great way of improving productivity.  Working outdoors also prevents home from feeling like a prison and with the summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start relocating your office to an outside space, with coffee and tea on tap. What more could you wish for? 

Have your clothes started to wear out? Have your children grown out of their shoes again? Not to worry, you can now view clothes and shoes on the high street and try them on! Let’s face it ordering online has its drawbacks. For a start seeing a picture of a pair of jeans is not the same as seeing them on a hanger.  How can you tell if the style or cut has changed since the last time the Spring Collection was on the shelves? That is why it is so much nicer to see things in person, in a shop. 

The best part of all. We all love our family and friends, but for some of us, seeing them every moment of everyday has been difficult. You may have found yourself having the same conversations again and again, or you may have someone living with you who keeps talking to you about the same things over and over.  Great news, now the shops are reopened, there are some lovely assistants who would love to talk to you and give your poor family a break. If you have been living alone, even better news, you can now talk to an actual person! No more talking to the walls.