Have you seen Downton Abbey?

September 21, 2019

Downton Abbey has come to Harrogate, and what an occasion it has been.

The audience was lining up by the door, in excited anticipation of what was about to unfold.  Friends, neighbours and family members were amused to find each other in the ever growing que.

“Will it be as good as the series?”

“How will they do it?”

“Will my favourite character have a big role?”

Were among the questions of the day.

The answer, yes, it was as good if not better then the series. They pulled it off. And yes, my favourite character Tom Branson (played by Allen Leach), did have a huge role to play.

However, my person highlight was a particular scene involving King George V and Mr Mosely. Lets just say the later had some very “strange behaviour” which had the whole cinema on tender hooks, before simultaneously bursting into floods of laughter.  The moment will defiantly go down as one of the greatest moments in British Cinema.

The film also featured Harwood House, which is just a short drive away from Harrogate. This beautiful building was often visited by the queen whilst Princess Mary was in residence.  The house and bird park, and woods, are defiantly worth a visit. Now that the house has appeared in Downton, there really is no reason not to go!

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