Kings Road is a Twittering!

August 15, 2019

The local businesses of Kings Road Harrogate have set up their own Twitter account.  With the number of local businesses disappearing from Harrogate High street, Kings Road have decided to take action.

They aim to use the Twitter account and the #kingsroad to publicise each others business in the hopes of bringing more shoppers to the area. Everyone is involved from the local Cafes to Bridal Shops. They have it all!

But they are not alone in this endeavour, several roads in Harrogate have already started their own Twitter and Facebook groups. The result? More and more people have been visiting their areas and business has boomed!

Lets hope for a similar outcome at Kings Road!

You can help too, by using the #kingsroad and following their journey on Twitter- Kings Road.

Even better you can come and stay at Artists Cottages! Artists Place, Corner, Cottage and House, as they are all a 2 minute  walk away from Kings Road. Why not come, shop and meet these wonderful business owners for yourself?

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If you are a local business from Kings Road Harrogate, and have not received the information for Twitter yet, or you would like your business mentioned in my blog please email me at:


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