“Let’s have a Workation, Staycation. A Weekation, Flexation, I say”!

May 22, 2021

In the last couple of years, there have been some interesting variations on the term vacation. But what do these words mean and how do you know if you are having a workation, flexation or daycation? What are the differences? 


“Day out in Filey”: Joanna Hardy, Filey 2021



If you are lying back in the sun with your feet up without a care in the world, then you are on holiday. Work is on hold as you enjoy yourself and have a well- earned rest, either, with your family on your own. 

This term corresponds to both the UK and abroad. The key feature of a vacation is that you are away from your home and your office- or to put it in current parlance, you haven’t brought the office with you! 


This is a term which has evolved in recent years. Originally a staycation was described as a holiday taken by UK citizens within the UK. 

Now, however, it has come to mean taking a holiday without the necessity of leaving your own home. You may be inside the same four walls but you have declared yourself “out of office” so you can have a much-needed break.

Essentially a staycation has come to mean the act of taking a holiday without traveling abroad, “staying local” or leaving your home. 



A workation has elements of a holiday combined with a normal workday.  To be on a workation you stay somewhere which isn’t your home, but is like being at home, eg. Self-catering, and continue to more or less maintain a normal workday.

This is perfect for anyone who is working from home and in need of a change of scenery.  You can still enjoy yourself, by visiting the local attractions, but your main objective is to get your work done as efficiently as possible whilst enjoying the opportunities afforded by being in a different place.  So you hope to achieve a sense of being away and return refreshed due to a change of environment.

Workations are usually quite short, being a maximum of a week.


This is a hybrid of a holiday and workation. In essence it is the same as a workation except you have your family with you.  This requires you to be more flexible.  You may have a pile of work to get through, but your children require entertainment. 


Precise terminology for a weekation is varied. Some would class a weekation as a weekend break, usually somewhere along the coast. 

Others would consider a weekation as a holiday which lasts exactly a week.  



A day trip, usually to explore somewhere new.  


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