Man and his surroundings

January 14, 2021

Going in to lockdown three, we don't know about you, but some how we feel more equipped this time around?

Yes, it was a huge blow to start the new year with another restriction, but having already been through this twice before we feel like we have learnt what helps us to cope and stay contented.

One of the main things we as individuals enjoy, is getting outside. It's something you'll see a lot of on our social media. We find that when you take yourself into the great outdoors, it helps to give you perspective, blow away the cobwebs and generally boost our moods.

With views over tumbling hills and wonderful farm life, we couldn't be more spoilt in North Yorkshire. It's true that our surroundings have a direct effect on our mental health, so be mindful of surrounding yourself with open spaces and wildlife where possible and it will go a long way to making you feel normal again.

Have a great Thursday folks,

Olivia and the team x