North Yorkshire Walks

February 09, 2024

Last Saturday I joined a group of friends for a walk around Rosedale Abbey near Pickering. After the blizzard of a couple of weeks ago, I went prepared for harsh weather. Only this time it was the sun not the snow I needed protection from! 


Sunny day: 3/02/24 by Joanna Hardy

We met up outside the church in the centre of Rosedale Abbey village. From there we made our way through the trailer park, across the stream and out into the dales and onto the North Yorkshire Moors. We were following the remains of an old railway line. 

Ruins of station house: 03/02/2024 by Joanna Hardy


One of the best parts of the trail was the information points which told the history of the railway and the moors. 

Information point: 03/02/24 by Joanna Hardy

Not that I had much chance to read any of it as I was a little preoccupied with a rather energetic spaniel.

Happy Dog: 3/02/24 by Joanna Hardy 

He had a wonderful time exploring and playing with the other dogs who joined us on the walk. He did have to be on the lead for most of it as there were sheep and other life stock around. 

View across the moors: 03/02/24 by Joanna Hardy 

The views were incredible though and sky line was amazing! I would defintitely recommend this walk to anyone up for a bit of an adventure. 


The North York Moors: 03/02/24 by Joanna Hardy