Places not to Park for UCI event!

September 26, 2019

Please do not park down Panel Ash Road. Panel Ash Road is a main road!  It is becoming almost impossible for residents to avoid disaster every morning when they have to leave for work. The left hand side of the road is just row of parked cars, meaning only the right hand side is possible to drive on!

Please do not park in our closes! People do live there, and have to get their cars out to go to work and drop off, and pick up their children for school! Unfortunately, life does not stand still for cycling!

So, where can I park? I hear you say.

There is special parking that has been laid on for the cycling. It is towards St John Fishers School, at the Yorkshire Show Ground. Please look out for and follow the yellow signs.  It is only £10 for the day. And if you are really worried about finding parking, or you are against paying for parking, there is always the train.

Or can avoid the perils or parking all together and stay at one of our Cottages! They are all within easy walking distance of the Races, and you can park at the properties!

Just head to our website: and book your stay!