Relaxation - An Evening Routine For Our Guests

April 19, 2021

We have, since the beginning, aimed to give you, our guests a place to relax, unwind and leave the world behind you. A place to feel comfortable so you can enter the world of dreams. 

Head home after a day of adventure in our town or our surrounding towns and beauty spots and head straight for our beautifully designed bathrooms for a calming and luxurious shower or bath infused with complimentary products. 

Downstairs awaits, enjoy a tranquil rest on our gorgeous, comfy sofas and snuggle up in blankets in front of the TV and log burner. 

Or perhaps you'd like to watch the sunset with a soothing cup of Yorkshire tea in the private gardens... 

Whether you're eating out or in, we have the recipe to relaxation in our beautiful five Harrogate self catering cottages.