The Red Kites sighted, Kings Road, Harrogate

August 16, 2019

Have you seen the spectacular birds of prey flying around Harrogate?

So far I have counted at least three Red Kites flying over Kings Road, looking for small animals to scavenge.

If you have never seen a Red Kite, I can’t begin to describe the beauty of these magnificent birds. For a bird of prey they are quite small. They get their name from their auburn chest feathers.

They are quiet birds,  and can appear suddenly, gliding over head on small wind currents. It is a marvel to behold!

Sadly their numbers have been diminishing, and the recent “poaching” has not helped. That is why we all need to do what we can to preserve these gentle birds. That is right, Red Kites are non-aggressive! So it is hard to understand why anyone would want to harm them!


Want to see these magnificent birds for yourself? Come stay at Artists Cottages! They have also been sighted at Harewood House and Nidderdale Gorge.  Just a short drive from Harrogate!


What do you think of Red Kites?

Please let us know in comments how many Red Kites you have seen.