Thought Bubble: Harrogate Comic Con 2022

November 25, 2022

Thought Bubble: Harrogate Comic Con 2022

Regarded as one of the best Comic Book Conventions for the independent circuit, Thought Bubble returned to Harrogate earlier this month for the first time since Covid!

It was great to see so many artists and writers in one place, all excited to share their passion and inspirations. 

Looking the part

Like the true girly girl, I am, my first point of call was selecting the perfect outfit.  Whilst out shopping I happened to find a Star Wars T-Shirt with Pink writing. I was quite chuffed with this find as it went very well with my bright pink jacket and a pair of jeans. Oh and I do happen to know a fair amount about Star Wars, a least enough to carry a conversation if anyone wanted a chat! In short, I looked the part, whilst still being true to myself. 

First Impressions…

This being my first ever convention I was overwhelmed by the number of people there and rows of writers and artists which seemed to go on for forever. I had no idea who to talk to or what questions to ask.  And if I am being honest, I felt like an imposter. 

Thought Bubble 2022: By Joanna Hardy Nov 2022

That was until I found some familiar artwork belonging to a former guest at Artists Cottages, Comic Book writer and artist Joel Laham! 

Joe Laham: Thought Bubble 2022: By Joanna Hardy Nov 2022

He was delighted that I had remembered him from the comic book he had presented to my mum as a thank you for his stay. It was great caching up with him and hearing about how much he had enjoyed staying at our cottages back in 2019. We were sold out this year!

Having spoken to him I found other extremely creative individuals who were happy to welcome me into this “strange new world” with open arms. 

Sometimes you just have to follow find your favourite colour! 

My starting point was simple, follow my favourite colour which happens to be pink.  This led me to several female comic book artists who had written, designed and published their own collection of graphic novels specifically for the feminine market. Or as I like to call it woman writing for woman about women. 

Wine & Zine Anthology: Thought Bubble 2022: By Joanna Hardy Nov 2022 

From there I quickly went from one artist to another happily talking to them about their inspirations, whether it was a gorilla detective or their home country. 

Cosmology Panel with Scott Snider

Before long I attended my first panel event which included several known faces in the comic book world including Scott Snider, credited with several recent DC series including Batman.  He came across as very humble saying how happy he was to be there and sharing his love and appreciation for the Indie comic writers and artists. 

As an inspiring writer myself, I felt at home surrounded by fellow creatives, and I will never forget Snider’s words on a fear that all writers have of not being good enough: “You should always be afraid that you are not good enough because it means you care.” 

Cosplay Interlude

No comic con event would be complete without a few cosplayers walking around! Who by the way may look a bit scary but as it turns out they are very happy to pose for a photo if you ask them nicely. 


Cosplayers: Thought Bubble 2022: By Joanna Hardy Nov 2022

Or if they see you casually pointing a camera at them! 

Cosplayers: Thought Bubble: By Joanna Hardy Nov 2022

Family Fun

This is an awesome event suitable for everyone 10 years and over.  The comics are not for kids! But there were plenty of fun workshops on how to draw comics and creating their own superheroes to keep younger ones occupied whilst the parents explored the stalls. Plus, the children there all seemed to have had a lot of fun picking out their costumes and cosplays and genuinely were having a great time! 


Final thoughts…

Imagine a world where everyone is welcome, and expression is not just tolerated but encouraged. A world where anyone can be anyone including themselves. A community of experimentation of ideas and concepts and anything goes! 

See why these comics are not for kids! 

I had an incredible time and met some truly lovely people! I cannot wait to see where these artists end up and where their inspiration will take them. 

Nor can I wait for Thought Bubble to return so I can go again next year! 

If you have stuck with me this far thank you. It means a lot. Since you have stuck around why not see what our five beautiful cottages have to offer? Or better yet book your stay for next year's Thought Bubble! We would love to welcome you!