Thought for today

November 27, 2019

Life is constant. It is ever changing yet never changes.  One season is always overtaken by the next and yet we still have the cententy that spring will always return after winter.

Bird fly south for winter, then fly back for spring and summer. Ever changing, always continuing and always the same.

We like to delude ourselves into thinking every generation brings something new, that we are fighting against the rules and opression of those who came before. But didn’t they? How can we really be changing when we are following directly in our predecorse footsteps, dooming ourselves to make the same mistakes.

Even this blog is not new. Nothing I have said so far hasn’t been said a thousand times over by a thousand other writers!

Always continous, but never changing.

We think life ends with death, and in a sense it does. Like a character in a book or play, when life is done with us we sease, we dissapear. But life dose not end. For new characters emerge and their stories take hold. No life doesn’t end with death, but it dosen’t start with birth either.

Every person who has ever lived has been guilty of believing that life evolves around them. That life did not exist before they came to be. That is not true. History, anthropology and archaeology, they all prove one indishinguishable fact there was life before we came and there will be life after we are gone.

Life is determind in its need to continue.

But for all it’t predictablity, life still has the capacity to amaze us.

The graceful mottion of a red Kyte as it slides through the air currents, the changes the trees go through year after year as their leaves take on the colours of autumn, spring and summer.

The smile of a young child, and the way their eyes seem to gleam in wonder over the slightest of things. It is all new to them. The kindness of a complete stranger as they return a fallen object to someone they have never met, and most likley will never meet again.

Maybe that is why we keep going? We explore, we create, we learn. We work, we play, we love.

We live.