April 15, 2020

Since globalisation happened and technology came on leaps and bounds, we have enjoyed fleeing our homes to enrich our lives with all things new and novel.
But why do we love to travel so? The reasons are varied for each and every one of us…
Top reasons, having done some research in to this are:
1. Learning – we love to learn as human beings and are keen to find out about new cultures unknown to us.
2. Expanding our horizons – we are inquisitive by nature and by travelling we can open our minds and introduces us to a new and different way of life.
3. Challenging ourselves – we find things out about ourselves which we otherwise wouldn’t have when we put ourselves in new places.
4. Appreciating life – by stepping away from our daily grind as it were, we gain perspective and can look back in to our lives with a renewed sense of vigour often!
5. Appetite for adventure – it’s something which not everyone has, but it is often a reason for people to go globe trotting and acts as a driver for ticking things off that bucket list!

With the current circumstances testing all of our resilience, where would you like to go once all of this is over?

You’d always be welcome in Harrogate!