What makes a great place to stay?

October 30, 2021

Guests choose categories and types of accommodation for all sorts of reasons - it would be great if you can tell us how you choose - leave a message on our Community pages or email us at : info@artistscottages.co.uk subject How to choose accommodation:

Hotels:  Historically they were based on the wealthy who had servants.  They offered same the amenities to their guests, servants to attend to their every need - today there are just a few hotels in this category.   Todays hotels make beds, clean and tidy rooms and some offer room service within prescribed hours.  They may have a restaurant and bar and offer food and beverages.  They have public rooms and added facilities and sometimes grounds.  Some accept pets.

B&B or boarding houses, these were for the middle classes.  Meals were provided in the morning and evening - but guests were expected to vacated the premises after breakfast and only return either for an evening meal or for bed. Todays B&Bs fall somewhere between a hotel and Guest/Boarding House. Some offer no meals, some breakfast only and some evening meals by arrangement. Used mostly for very short stays by business guests or those attending an event.

Self-Catering - used to be a mixture of caravans or second homes offered to the general public when the family were not in occupation.  Todays Self-catering varies from the commercial to the personal home, caravan or chalet.

Some hotels and guest houses do not accept children or anyone under 12.  This can be problematic for families. Caravans and lodges can be too small and too restricting.  Flats are too cramped.  So they may prefer the comfort offered by a house or cottage. 

Especially when the cottages, flats or houses are presented to a high standard, such as can be found at Artists' Cottages in Harrogate where the owners have gone out of their way to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

In their choice of 5* linens and towels, the comfort of their beds and sofas, the choice of kitchen appliances and utensils they ensure everything is done to make you feel comfortable and immediately at home - there will even be a tea tray set out with biscuits, there will be a plentiful supply of fresh coffee and tea, a pint of fresh milk in the fridge, and everything you need for the first few days of your stay including logs and kindling for the log burning stoves - Upon arrival you will be met and shown around, taking away all the stress of arriving in an unfamiliar place..  All you do is unpack, unwind and enjoy!

Have a look at the website to see what it is that makes Artists' Cottages so special.