Wondrous Walks

March 19, 2020

Whilst we all navigate these strange and unknown waters, we can all struggle with cabin fever. Well aren’t we lucky that we live in this beautiful leafy spa town which boasts walks and ambles aplenty! Whether you’re looking to seek a little quiet time amongst the canopy of the trees, you have the beautiful Pinewoods, just in front of the entrance to the Harlow Carr. This takes you from Harlow Carr right down in to the Valley Gardens, and is a good walk.

For those looking to just have a quick amble out, why not take to the Valley Gardens and enjoy the beauty of the budding spring flowers like the crocuses which are blooming their blue beauty?

Likewise, we are blessed to have Fewston and Swinsty Reservoirs on our doorstep, so if you have a car, these are a favourite of ours. We love them for the soundscape as well as the landscape. We spent our afternoon there today and couples were enjoying picnics on the benches whilst basking in the midday sun.

Sanctuary, yours for the taking.