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Harrogate is Buzzing!

April 15, 2021

Harrogate has opened its doors again, and the town is buzzing with excitement.  Gents have been queuing round the corner to have their hair trimmed at the barbers. Young adults were spotted linin...

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5 Reasons Why Art Inspired Us And Can Inspire You Too

April 13, 2021

When Artists' Cottages opened its doors some 4 years ago, there was no question as to what we wanted to project, our passion for good times and good art.We have always enjoyed the numerous guises whic...

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In manner of all things monumental

April 06, 2021

We've always thought of our town as monumental. Biased of course, but its wealth of history and beauty is clear for the eye to see...We love that our town is forever evolving, with new statues/ monume...

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Spring in Yorkshire

April 01, 2021

When you hear the word Yorkshire what springs to mind? And if they say Spring?Do you see open Dales, thriving market towns, Wetherby, Skipton, Knaresborough?  Spas such as Harrogate and Scarborou...

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A Spring Poem

March 22, 2021

Last week marked the first week of Spring. We've seen so many beautiful buds popping up through the ground, from crocuses, to snow drops and daffodils.The dawn chorus has too played its part in making...

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Day in the Life of our Guests

March 16, 2021

Day in the life of an Artists' Cottages guest...9am A delicious cup of coffee from our Nespresso coffee machine and some breakfast in the light airy indoors or in our private gardens at our bistro tab...

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