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Harrogate Awaits...

March 01, 2021

We have been most patient in this time of unrest haven't we? We wonder what it is that has helped you all to get through these difficult passed few months...For us we have been dream / plan mode,...

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February 28, 2021

The cherry trees on Harrogate Stray are in bud, the birds are extremely busy nest building, and the morning song is deafening.  The parks are filled with children’s laughter and dog walkers. The ...

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Enchante Ripley

February 22, 2021

This weekend we took a short 5 minute drive out of Harrogate to a little village called Ripley. The name Ripley derives from Old English and means "Wood of the Hrype" or "Ripon People". The villa...

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Star Gazing in Harrogate

February 18, 2021

Our hilly spa town makes for the ideal situ to spot the cosmic world around us...If you head passed the Stray and up the incline of Otley Road, you will reach Harlow Hill. The location for the Harlow ...

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All Hail Valley Gardens

February 08, 2021

Where have you been grateful for over lockdown? Which spot has saved your bacon when you've just needed to break away from the cabin fever - inducing feeling of staying at home?For us, we have been so...

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What's In A Name

January 28, 2021

When Marie-Therese and George Hardy founded our self catering cottages nearly three years ago in our wonderful town of Harrogate, it was under the premise that we would forever champion the local arti...

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